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When i was little i used to somersault down the stairs for fun as an adventure. i also used to have an imaginary ape that would swing from power line to power line when i was driving with my parents. we'd have races to my house... he usually won though, but would swing back to make it fair. i loved that ape. Time went by, went to school, nothing exciting there. Luckily I never let my schooling interfere with my education. I love my mom dearly, and my grandma on my dads side. I love my mothers mother too, but shes kinda grippy and smokes all the time... Oh and she puts my mom down. Ill probably feel bad about writing this when she dies, I love her and could never replace her, but shes difficult to be around. She loves me though and taught me alot about cooking. I graduated, went to college and beauty school. Beauty school was fun because people have to do your hair for you for free all the time. I met the man of my dreams and now live with him in New Jersey. We are so close to the beach you can smell the salt in the air. He's a sweet heart. I have a step daughter, two cats and a bird. Good collateral. :-D