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[Apr. 12th, 2007|01:34 pm]
[I Feel |cheerfulcheerful]
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And Another

Here are two pics of me from the baby shower. Man oh man do I look chubby! I went to the ejmergency room 2 saturdays ago because my baby dropped and i was in terrible pain because my hips arent wide enough. Everyone was really super nice to me. The doctor was a complete pervert though (in a goofy funny way that made the pain seem more bareable). He gave me a sonogram picture of my little boys penis. He's gonna make some lucky girl very happy one day ;-) In other news im almost 35 weeks pregnant and Im at risk for an early pregnancy. Good riddance! Im ready to have my little one out and about insead of having him in and kicking my left rib with his little foot. Im on the fence about breast feeding. Maybe for the first month, but after that its definatly onto the bottle cause the last thing i want is "grandma  titties".  Also, havent got a name for my little bundle of love either. Always open to suggestions!


[User Picture]From: kotw_21
2007-04-12 08:07 pm (UTC)
Lol, I love the Tonka truck!
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From: becauseicare
2007-04-30 01:44 am (UTC)
Less than a month left, right!? I can't believe I totally skipped over this entry. I hope you haven't had anymore pain, emergency room visits or complications. I was thinking about you today and I'm so anxious to see pictures of your little bundle of joy!
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[User Picture]From: oxgreen_eyesxo
2007-04-30 04:22 pm (UTC)
Oh, bless your heart... It's nice to have friends that care, lord knows I need em! He's due May 21st, so I have about 3 weeks left, but the doctor did say I'm at risk for early labor, so who knows when my little man will be here! My poor baby is still yet to have a name! I think I'm going to make it a priority to have one by the middle of the week. He's so little, but at the same time he feels so huge. He's gotten to where he likes to drag his little foot across my stomach, so all you see is the little foot moving across. It looks like something out of the movie Alien.:-D
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From: becauseicare
2007-05-14 12:25 am (UTC)
So you MUST be in your 40th week by now... which means there should be a delightful little boy in your arms and not your tummy by now!

I am sure you are exhausted but I am dying to hear the details!
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[User Picture]From: oxgreen_eyesxo
2007-05-21 12:14 am (UTC)
Oh no no no, honey! You and me only wish little DAVID was here. He is content up my snatch for the time being. My due date is tomorrow, and who knows WHEN the heck he is going to decide to grace us with his long awaited presence. Oh, I know your atheist, but your gonna do me a favor and your gonna say a special prayer just in case there is a god that my labor is pain and stress free (I'm so nervous!). Oh, and soon! BTW, is it just me or are you never on AIM? it would be neat to chat with you!
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From: becauseicare
2007-05-22 03:29 am (UTC)
Well, I most definitely hope David (great choice of a name!) came today and that you had a very painless, quick, and easy delivery! I got this message yesterday and was definitely thinking positive thoughts for you... just didn't have time to respond (it's finals week, yuck).

Oh on the contrary! I am always on AIM. In fact, I am right now. But I hope that you are NOT on and that you're cuddling your little bundle of joy. ;) Grrr.... jealous, Kayleigh. But I just remembered that I have my account set up so that people cannot IM me unless I add them first. So shoot your screen name my way and I will add you right away. =D
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[User Picture]From: oxgreen_eyesxo
2007-05-22 01:26 pm (UTC)
GRRR! There is no freaking baby here Kaleigh! As a matter of a fact I went to the doctor yesterday (my due date) and she said nothing was happening down there! The office rotates me between 3 obgyn's and I like the first 2, but the one I saw yesterday I really dont like. She acts like she doesn't care about you at all! She also told me she couldn't "reach my cervix" to tell me if I was dilated or not (the other two doctors have never had this problem). What kind of obstetrician are you if you cant even tell me if I'm dilated or not?! But she "thinks" Nothings going on. So now I'm due back in there next TUESDAY for a stress test and another checkup. Oh for the love of god, really. Come already!

Yeah I was wondering why you were like never online! My screen name is melissamandall :-D
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