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(no subject) [Jul. 7th, 2007|10:30 pm]
[I'm At |Bed]
[I Feel |Silent Resignation]
[I'm Listening to |Stay or Leave - DMB]

Maybe different but remember
Winters warm there you and I
Kissing whiskey by the fire
With the snow outside
And the summer comes
The river swims at midnight shiver cold
Touch the bottom you and I
With muddy toes

Stay or leave
I want you not to go but you should
It was good as good goes
Stay or leave I want you not to go but you did

Wake up naked drinking coffee
Making plans to change the world
While the world is changing us
It was good good love
You used to laugh under the covers
Maybe not so often now
The way I used to laugh with you
Was loud and hard 

So what to do
With the rest of the day's afternoon 
Isn't it strange how we change
Everything we did
Did I do all that I should

That I coulda done

Remember we used to dance
And everyone wanted to be
You and me

Stay or leave
I want you not to go but you should
It was good as good goes
Stay or leave I want you not to go but you did

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I got a new man in my bed... [Jun. 28th, 2007|06:44 pm]
[I'm At |Chillin on the bed]
[I Feel |happyhappy]
[I'm Listening to |Jimi Thing - Dave Matthews Band]

I got a new man in my bed... And my husband doesnt even mind. In fact, he took the pictures of us together.  :-)

Oh, and he's a real party animal too.

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(no subject) [Jun. 18th, 2007|04:52 pm]

Meet David Mandall. He was 7lbs 11oz  21" long when he was born on May 28th. My sweet baby boy.

Sweet Sweet Sweet Baby Boy

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(no subject) [Apr. 12th, 2007|01:34 pm]
[I Feel |cheerfulcheerful]
[I'm Listening to |Cold Cold Heart - Hank Williams]

And Another

Here are two pics of me from the baby shower. Man oh man do I look chubby! I went to the ejmergency room 2 saturdays ago because my baby dropped and i was in terrible pain because my hips arent wide enough. Everyone was really super nice to me. The doctor was a complete pervert though (in a goofy funny way that made the pain seem more bareable). He gave me a sonogram picture of my little boys penis. He's gonna make some lucky girl very happy one day ;-) In other news im almost 35 weeks pregnant and Im at risk for an early pregnancy. Good riddance! Im ready to have my little one out and about insead of having him in and kicking my left rib with his little foot. Im on the fence about breast feeding. Maybe for the first month, but after that its definatly onto the bottle cause the last thing i want is "grandma  titties".  Also, havent got a name for my little bundle of love either. Always open to suggestions!

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30 WEEKS PREGNANT TODAY [Mar. 9th, 2007|11:23 am]
[I Feel |contemplativecontemplative]

Ok, so today I am 30 weeks pregnant! URG! Where does the time go? I only have 10 weeks left! Im glad Im having the baby before the summer though! I have NO stretch marks so far and am loving that fact. Bathing suit season will be upon me when i have the baby, so im glad that i wont have to worry about THAT part. Im also debating on wether to breast feed or not. I've heard women say that they lactate milk whenever they hear their baby cry, and to me thats just like.... gross. I asked my mom about it and she said that NEVER happened to her. So I hope its all good by the time i have my little boy. I have no idea what to name him. Any suggestions for good baby boy names? No overtly religious names please.
I love this picture


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I am 28 weeks pregnant [Feb. 20th, 2007|08:07 pm]
[I Feel |cheerfulcheerful]
[I'm Listening to |David Gilmour]

My ass looks big here but thats because my maternity pants are too big in the hips for me.

I am 28 weeks pregnant with a little Boy.
He is very active and kicks pretty much constantly.
Last night when I was trying to sleep, he moved just so that I could feel his little heartbeat against the right side of my tummy. I weigh 120 and have no strech marks. My due date is May 21st. I'm painting his little room Behr Bayou Blue. I haven't even held him and I love him more than the world. I hope he looks like my sweet husband. I am so lucky. Everyone pray for a fast and easy labor and delievery even if you dont believe in prayer!  Oh and for all you girls who have always wondered... My boobs have grown, but my feet are still 5 1/2.

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(no subject) [Jan. 14th, 2007|04:28 pm]

Another Day, Another Wet Cat

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MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!! [Dec. 25th, 2006|09:28 pm]
[I'm At |By the Tree]
[I Feel |happyhappy]
[I'm Listening to |Barry Music]

Heres what I got for Christmas:

My Sweet Baboo (I'm an obsessive  old Charlie Brown Fan) Jack
* A 1/4 carat diamond necklace 

So hard to take a pic of on me. The pics dont do it justice, it is soo pretty!

* 2 Toffee scented candles (yum) !

Me trying to figure out what flavor tea I got

* Makeup and Miracle perfume by Lancome.
* A Black fur hat to match my black fur coat.

* A snoopy ornament for the Christmas tree

Barry (A friend of Jack and I's)
* $50.00 Borders Gift Card
* A HUGE box of johnson and johnson products. 
  ei: Aveno, clean and clear,  and neutrogena products

Grandma Denlinger
* Complete Sex and the City DVD set
* Eternity Perfume by Calvin Cline  (My fav!)

My mother is coming out the 28th and she has a surprise gift for me, I dont know what it is though. I have several presents still under the tree for her though. 
Dinner was HUGE.

This wasnt even like, a dent in the food
 I cooked constantly from 9:00 to 6:00. We had glazed honey ham, parsnips and carrots, cheesed squash, candied yams, garlic mashed potatoes, asparagus, and deviled eggs. There may have been more but I'm too tired to think about it right now.

 Oh, I also made a birthday cake for Jesus. 

He didnt tell me what kind he wanted so I figured double chocolate fudge bunt cake with cream cheese icing. I them cut up marchsino cherries and decorative leaves so the cake in itself looked like a garland. It was fun!

I hope everyone had a happy christmas!

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(no subject) [Dec. 24th, 2006|07:48 pm]

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(no subject) [Dec. 22nd, 2006|03:33 pm]

My biggest fear was put to rest ... The fear of not holding a child that is mine, the fear of not sharing  that sacred bond with another human being, the fear of being barren. 
I'm pregnant.

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